that one time peter had an entire conversation with derek’s eyebrows

derek knows you’re going to do something creepy with them 

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So Derek is a beta but still fights like an alpha. And Scott is an alpha but fights like a beta…

Who’s really the true alpha here??


"why dont you just give him a chance"

idk because im not physically or mentally attracted to him and ‘but he likes you’ or ‘but hes really nice’ isnt going to change the fact that im not interested



It all comes to a shocking end on Moonday. Be sure to catch the Season Finale of Teen Wolf at 10pm.

there is so much wrong with derek trusting his back with the twins

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i yearbooked

i yearbooked hard

have some pines twins, grades 9-12


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waving at someone you thought was waving at you



1. The kindest people are usually the most mistreated.

2. “e.g.” is used for examples, “i.e.” is used for clarification.

3. Guys, stop trying to find the right girl and try to become the right guy. Then the right girl will come.

4. If you rely on others to make you happy, you will never be…

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damn thats powerful

one of my favorite posts here

this fucking pressure for men to be square shaped really pisses me off sometimes im glad that you all understand






damn thats powerful

one of my favorite posts here

this fucking pressure for men to be square shaped really pisses me off sometimes im glad that you all understand


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This is known as Playing Chess with Death. Its a trope that is commonly used now in many television shows and films (most famously Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey) but all began with the 1957 film The Seventh Seal. In it a man tries to forestall his demise by challenging death to a game of chess.

And it literally explains everything.

Stiles, knowing that he has been possessed by a Nogitsune challenges him to a game of Go (sometimes referred to as the Japanese version of Chess) and being a trickster who loves games, how can the Nogitsune resist? This becomes a way for him to forestall the foxes complete take over of his mind leading to the death of himself.

Since that point literally all of 3b has been nothing more than a giant game of Go being acted out in our reality with reality being bent based on the move the player makes.This would explain a lot of the inconsistencies regarding Stiles and other characters clothing. The call backs to past episodes, the clues being left by Stiles from the numbers telling Barrow to kill Kira.

From the keys to the chemical closet mysterious appearing and disappearing, literally the entire post that I made the other day about connections has been answered. This would also explain Riddled. In this is the first time we actually see the tug of war — the game between these two being played out. You could literally do an entire meta and pick apart the moves that each player makes.

It’s all rather brilliant when you think about it. This gives the writers the ability to play and toy with reality without turning the season into a dream sequence. It also explains the behaviors of certain characters in their relationship with Stiles this season. They each are playing a role in either player’s particular strategy. For Stiles, the obvious player is Lydia.because her banshee abilities give her the advantage to see and hear things the others can’t.

Another key player, possibly the most important player revealed from the most recent episode, is Derek. This makes Derek’s sudden ability to put two and two together regarding Stiles possession by Nogitsune, his ability to sense Stiles was in a struggle, the fact that he went looking for Stiles for two days, etc. He has a key role to play in Stiles strategy to defeat the Nogitsune. His the King. The endgame. The Divine Move. To what end, I do not know, but he is Stiles’ trump card.

Again, I could meta this forever but I don’t have the patience or the time to sit and list out all the examples of the moves made by either Stiles or the Nogistune. But I figured I would put the idea forth to see if maybe other more industrious people could do what I cannot and to see if anyone agrees with my idea.

This is the best thing I’ve read today, and I read half “Under The Dome”.

Remember how everyone had theories about parts of 3A being dreams or fake memories, based on the fact that the Alphas would be able to steal and manipulate memories? I’ve seen a of people who thought a lot of things this season didn’t make sense.

This theory would explain everything. All those scenes from the mid-season trailer that appears to be scenes we’ve already seen - history repeating itself, or how the scenes really went down. Turns in the game.

We keep hearing that “one character has been close to death all season.” Assuming Stiles is that character (with the ice bath sacrifice(1), a head injury from the jeep accident(2), and a major electrical shock(3) causing physical injuries in addition to whatever is happening to his psyche), then “close” takes on a whole new meaning. Stiles has been carrying Death with him in the form of the bandaged man-as-shadow!self (4) throughout 3b — though it could have gone on much longer.

Going by this scene, Stiles may still be playing for his life after the void!Nogitsune aspect has been purged (de-voided) but while Stiles is still technically dead or in limbo/bardo/a coma(5) — after all, the Divine Move isn’t expected until the end of the season. The rest of the pack (for better or worse) would be playing their strategies meantime, out in the world. Assuming Stiles has the winning strategy, then it presumably ends with this form of Death leaving without the soul(s) it intended to take (those associated with the Nemeton — Stiles, Scott, Allison, and Derek most of all) even if it doesn’t leave empty-handed. I don’t know if Stiles has ever played Go before, but he’s an excellent on-the-fly strategist, and if anyone can pull off a completely unexpected genius play, it’s him. In fact, not knowing the game might well work to his advantage.

(1) sixteen hours underwater and technically dead is just so far outside my ability to suspend disbelief, even in a show about werewolves.

(2) I’m still not convinced he woke up from the accident; it would make more sense if the entirety of 3b has been Stiles’ coma dream (merrily, merrily), with events told to him by his friends who are working against an entity that is somehow feeding off Stiles, and which they need Stiles’ help and recovery to defeat, so they’re trying to wake him up.

(3) that charge might well have somehow brought Stiles back to life in itself; it was not that long ago that there was the scene with the defibrillator, after all. We only saw Stiles go into the power plant, we didn’t see what happened when he got hit. Also, that bat could not have been magnetized unless it had something like iron at its core, and iron has a connection to all kinds of supernatural things.

(4) it’s more likely that the bandaged man represents Death than the void!Nogitsune. It would also explain the flies.

(5) maybe this is where we’ll see the scene behind the still that was leaked months and months ago of the red bike in the white room, and get to see Stiles’ mom at last. Maybe even some of the Hales.

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